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Hug your way to better sleep & less anxiety

♥︎  Heavy 5lb weight provides special input using Deep Pressure Stimulation
♥︎  Weight in arms, legs, & stomach targets stress points
♥︎  Jumbo 22" size & large arms simulate calming comfort of real hugs
♥︎  Large, soft ears give restless hands a quiet way to fidget
♥︎  Tactile cuddle fabric & gradient ear design add to sensory stimuli
♥︎ Embroidered appliqué details mean no hard edges when cuddling

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Thousands of 5 star reviews!

Care & Content
100% virgin poly-pellets & durable polyester fiberfill
✔︎ odorless ✔︎ non-toxic ✔︎ BPA Free

Snuggling your Moon Pal supports emotional regulation and calms your body for better sleep, more focus and a happier mood!

Suitable for ages 3+

    • ✦ Size - 22" long x 16" wide
    • ✦ Weight - 5lbs
    • ✦ Fabric - 100% polyester cuddle velboa fabric
    • ✦ Fill - non-toxic 100% virgin poly-pellets from prime select grade polymers, BPA free/odorless
    • ✦ Stuffing - durable polyester fiberfill
    • ✦ Details - embroidered appliqué face, paw, tummy designs
white illustrated stars and hearts pink cloud pink cloud pink cloud illustrated moonpals hugging

"Able to give hugs that can save the world.”- The New York Times

“The quality is amazing, and the book it comes with is absolutely stunning”-Buzzfeed

"The best gift for for 4yr olds”-Today Show

Moon Pals in the Wild!

"This is actually how I wish my cat would treat me; like I always want to cuddle him. But it is actually so comforting."

"As a teacher I use to help students focus, when a stressed out teacher needs a hug, or as a reading buddy"

"I can't stop hugging my Opal. I love Moon Pals."

"Not gonna lie; I really needed this hug. This is very effective."

"Stress was making me irritable and unmotivated and I needed a hug. Nova definitely delivered."

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Moon Pal plushies harness the power of Deep Pressure Stimulation with their signature design and heavy weight.

✔︎ Sleep better
✔︎ Increase focus
✔︎ Soothe anxiety
✔︎ Boost mood
✔︎ Regulate stress

Hugs from your Moon Pal let your body know to calm down and help you feel less overwhelmed.


Everyone can benefit from the healing comfort of unlimited hugs. Moon Pals were created to help both children & adults.

The weight from your Moon Pal is concentrated to target stress points so you feel safe and warm in any position.

Moon Pal arrive nicely boxed with a beautifully illustrated original storybook and are the perfect way to gift a soothing hug ♥︎

pink cloud pink cloud white illustrated stars and hearts illustrated moonpals hugging
white illustrated stars and hearts illustrated moonpals hugging illustrated moonpals hugging pink cloud

How to Hug

Your Moon Pal