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When will I get my Moon Pal?

All Moon Pals require 2-3 business days to process before shipping out from our East Coast warehouse.

Click to review our Shipping Page for transit times and Holiday information. Estimated delivery times vary.

You can rest assured knowing our team is hard at work getting each Moon Pal to its new home!

We ship to you from the USA and guarantee you'll receive your order 😃

You can always reach us at for more information.

What is the return Policy for Moon Pals?

Moon Pals are intimate items created specifically for hugging and cuddling. In the wake of COVID-19, this means we are unable to accept returns for Moon Pals.

For any concerns, or to cancel your order anytime prior to processing, you can reach us directly at

Unfortunately, we can't cancel orders that have already shipped or begun processing!

How much do Moon Pals weigh?

Moon Pals weigh about 5lbs — perfect for hugging! 🤗 💜

Are Moon Pals machine washable?

Yes, Moon Pals CAN be machine washed!

Most of the time, we suggest regular spot cleaning for your Moon Pal but occasionally, you can machine wash your Moon Pal on GENTLE, cool, and with like colors.

Moon Pals weigh 5lbs and we recommend placing them in a full (but not stuffed!) load of sturdy things like towels or blankets.

You can also tumble dry low to dampness, then finish by laying flat to dry.

This way, your Moon Pal will stay fluffy and soft!

As a note, washing and drying do contribute to increased wear and tear of your Moon Pal.
Save for special occasions! 🛁 😊

What are the dimensions of Moon Pals?

Moon Pals are 22” long and 16” wide. Their ears are 15” long. Their arms are 16” long.

How do you use Moon Pal?

Users find Moon Pals helpful for:

- Relaxation
- Focus
- Sleep

They're ideal for a myriad of settings included, but not limited to:

- Bedtime (esp. as part of a bedtime routine!)
- Lounging (esp. when focusing on reading)
- Watching TV
- Scrolling
- Studying & Homework
- Car rides (for passengers)
- Dinner time
- Meditation
- Stretching
- Visiting & conversation

Our favorite 3 positions for Moon Pals are:

1. Hugging them tight
2. Sitting on our laps
3. Draping across our shoulders

Where can I find the research used to create this product?

You can find some of the research used to create Moon Pals under the "Learn" tab in our Menu! 😊

Where do Moon Pals Ship?

Moon Pals ship FREE via Fedex Ground to contiguous U.S. addresses.

For an additional shipping fee, Moon Pals will also deliver to Alaska and Hawaii.

We now also offer a paid Fedex 2Day Express shipping option on all orders. To select this option, choose express shipping at checkout.

Please allow 2-3 business days for orders to process.

What is the fill made out of?

Moon Pal stuffing is made from polyester fiberfill.

Moon Pals are weighted with non-toxic 100% virgin poly-pellets made with prime select grade polymers that are BPA free and odorless.

How long will Moon Pals last?

Moon Pals are made to be incredibly durable! With proper care, Moon Pals will last many years 🤗 💜

While your new Moon Pal may feel a bit stiff at first, the more you hug it, the comfier it will become!✨

Do Moon Pals require assembly?

Nope, each Moon Pal arrives ready to hug! 🥰


Moon Pals are shipped in a durable, purple bubble mailer with the Moon Pal logo on top. Each Moon Pal also comes packaged with the Moon Pal storybook!

Are Moon Pals Safe for Babies and
 Small Children?

While Moon Pals may be beneficial for older children ages 3 years and up, Moon Pals are not suitable for infants or toddlers under the age of 3, as a risk of suffocation could exist.

Your safety is important to us! Always consult a physician and follow safe sleep tips furnished by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

For more information, please visit

Will my pet like Moon Pals?

While your pet may be very interested in Moon Pals, we do not suggest sharing!

Moon Pals are filled with weighted beads that could pose choking hazards for your pet.

Save the cuddles for yourself and keep Moon Pals out of your pet’s reach 😅

Oh no, my Moon Pal has a tear!

While Moon Pals are durably crafted, strenuous wear and frequent washing could result in a tear.

If your Moon Pal develops a tear, be sure to discontinue use immediately and keep away from children and pets.

Moon Pals are filled with weighted beads that could pose choking hazards.

Please contact with any issues and we'll work together to fix it!

What if I just want a replacement 
or exchange?

Please email us directly at with your inquiry, and we'll work it out!

With proper use your Moon Pals should last for several years. As a note, replacement products are only eligible for exchange if both the original packaging and the products inside arrive in good condition.